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LED Grow Lights USA Privacy Notice

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We do not store, collect, share or sell your personal information for any reason with anyone.

By visiting the LED Grow Lights USA website you agree to accept the practices
described in this Privacy Notice.

Your name, your personal information and your credit card number are not stored
on the Internet with our system. Once you type your information, it is sent
instantly, encrypted, directly to an order processing system, which is on a
server separate from LED Grow Lights USA . We employ the latest 128-bit encryption
technology in all areas of the site which require you to provide your personal
or account information. These include online ordering, order status and mailing
lists. This is done to protect you from unauthorized use of the information you
are sending to our server.

Privacy Policy Statement

This is the privacy policy for all web sites operated by LED Grow Lights USA.

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LED Grow Lights USA has developed relationships with our customers based on respect
and integrity. We’re aware of the trust and confidence you demonstrate when you
visit our website and provide us with information. The Privacy Notice below is
posted to demonstrate our leadership in online security and customer service
practices. We treat your personal information with the same honesty and
sensitivity that we have displayed throughout our history.

LED Grow Lights USA will never share your email address, phone number or credit
card information with any unrelated 3rd party except as necessary to fulfill
transactions that you initiate.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Notice, please e-mail us
or send a letter to: LED Grow Lights USA Privacy, Box 38; Miller, NE 68858.

Changes to this Privacy Notice, Conditions of Use and Notices:
This Privacy Notice and our Terms of Use will change over time and the use of
information which we gather now is subject to these Notices and Terms as
modified. Please check this page periodically as you continue to use our site to
see if any changes have been made. This privacy notice was most recently changed
on October 15, 2011. If you visit our Web site your visit and any dispute over
privacy is subject to this Notice and our Legal Notices, including the
application of the laws of the State of Nebraska.

LED Grow Lights USA is a general audience site and does not knowingly collect
personal identifiable information from children under the age of 13 without
verifiable parental consent. If you are under the age of 13, please do not
provide personally identifiable information of any kind whatsoever.
LED Grow Lights USA does not sell products to persons under the age of 18. If you
are under the age of 18, you are required seek the consent of your parent or
guardian to purchase products from this site.

Personal Information Collected By LED Grow Lights USA:
LED Grow Lights USA uses information that we collect from our visitors to
personalize and improve your visit at LED Grow Lights USA. We gather the following
types of information:

Information you give us:
LED Grow Lights USA collects any information which you enter on our Web site. This
information is normally provided when you search, buy, participate in a contest,
sweepstakes or on-line survey, or when you communicate with any of our
departments such as customer service, sales or technical services through our
Web site, telephone, mail or fax. You also provide information when you
establish an account with us. Examples of the type of information you may supply
us with include your name, address, telephone number, credit card information,
e-mail addresses, and information such as the last four digits of your Social
Security number for fraud prevention. In some instances, we ask you for other
people’s names and email addresses for the sole purpose of fulfilling your
specific request to email certain specific information as part of our “email a
friend” feature.

Automatic Information collected by us:
We (or agents on our behalf) collect anonymous information from visits to our
sites through the use of “Web Beacons.” Web Beacons are simply web page elements
which may employ cookie technology that enable us to record anonymous data about
visits to or transactions made on our web site. This anonymous information is
sometimes known as “clickstream data.” We may use this data to analyze trends
and statistics to improve your online experience, or customer service. No
personal data is collected through the use of Web Beacons on our sites. Through
the use of cookies, we may also collect and analyze the IP address used to
connect your computer to the Internet; computer and connection information such
as your browser type and version; operating system and platform; purchase
history; confirmation when you open e-mail that we send you; and the URLs which
lead you to and around our Web site including the date and time. Your browser
allows you to reject cookies and software is available from third parties which
will allow you to visit our Web site without providing this information. You are
welcomed at our Web site if you use this software but we will not be able to
offer you our personalized services and we will be unable to accept any online
orders from you.

If you place an order we use a secure order form which requires you to provide
correct contact, billing, and payment information. This information is
transmitted to your credit card company to authorize your purchase. At certain
times we may offer financing options with or without third party participation.
If you use a financing option, information provided by you (such as your
address, birth date, social security number, and credit card number) may be used
to request a credit report from third parties or may be sent to a third party
for processing. You will always be informed of this at the time you select any
available financing option. All information obtained from you in the course of
transacting orders is used for the purpose of fulfilling your order in a timely
manner and for communicating the status of your order with you. Additionally,
upon placing an order, you will begin receiving the LED Grow Lights USA email
newsletter unless you opt-out.

Email Newsletter Subscription:
If you request an email newsletter subscription, we will send you an email
confirming your request. This confirmation process allows you to unsubscribe if
you changed your mind and decided not to join the list. Furthermore, the
confirmation email will alert you if someone else had entered your email address
into our email newsletter. In order to make our emails more relevant and useful
to you, our servers may receive a confirmation when you open email from
LED Grow Lights USA.

Sweepstakes Entries:
If you enter a LED Grow Lights USA sponsored sweepstakes, we employ a double opt-in
subscription program. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email
to the email address you gave us with a link contained within it or instructions
for completing the subscription process. You will not be entered until you click
through the link in the email we sent you or otherwise follow the instructions
contained therein. In order to make our emails more relevant and useful to you,
our servers may receive a confirmation when you open email from LED Grow Lights USA.

CAN-SPAM Compliance and Email Practices:
The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography
and Marketing Act) establishes requirements for those who send commercial email,
spells out penalties for spammers and companies whose products are advertised in
spam if they violate the law, and gives consumers the right to ask emailers to
stop spamming them. SEE: The CAN-SPAM Act

LED Grow Lights USA complies with all requirements of the Controlling the Assault
of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing (CAN-SPAM) federal anti-spam law that
went into effect on January 1, 2004.

LED Grow Lights USA uses a “double opt-in” process to add subscriber e-mails to our
mailing list. This means that subscribers ask to be on our list either by
completing the subscription form on our Web site or by contacting
LED Grow Lights USA via e-mail and asking that an address be added. Upon adding an
address to our mailing list, we confirm the request by sending an e-mail message
to the subscriber at the address provided.

Additionally, it is possible to subscribe or unsubscribe to LED Grow Lights USA on
our Web site at: MAILING LIST

Sharing of Information with third-parties:

Independent Contractors:
We may employ other companies or individuals to provide certain services to us
such as analyzing customer lists and data, providing marketing assistance, or
consulting services. These third parties will have access to only the
information needed to perform these limited functions and are required to
provide your personal information with at least the same level of protection and
security as LED Grow Lights USA. Such third parties are prohibited from using your
personal information for any other purpose. Any 3rd parties who use our data
will be fully bound by this privacy policy. In no event will the data being used
by any unrelated third party include your email address.

We will never share any telephone number(s), e-mail addresses, or credit card
information which you have given us with any marketing partner(s) or any
unrelated 3rd party.

Aggregate information:
We provide aggregate information to some of our business partners. This
information does not identify you individually in any way.

Credit card companies and shippers:
When you buy something from us we send your credit card information, name,
billing address and the amount of your purchase to your credit card company to
verify and authorize the purchase. Your name, telephone number and shipping
information must be provided to third party shippers such as UPS, Federal
Express and the United States Postal Service to deliver your purchase. There
also may be instances in which we drop-ship orders directly to you from one of
our manufacturers or suppliers. These drop-shippers are only given your name,
postal address, and telephone number for the sole purpose of fulfilling your

Third Party Transaction-Level Data:
If you visit our site from a third-party site the third-party site may be able
to access select information from your individual transaction information. In
order to track and credit your transaction the third-party site may give you a
unique code, cookie or graphic which will uniquely identify you. This will only
happen if you link directly from a third party site to our Web site. Any
transactions made at our Web site while such a code is active will be reported
back to the third party site. We will only report non-personal information to
these sites such as the date of the transaction, the product(s) purchased and
the amount spent. We will not report any information to these third party sites
that will allow them to personally identify you and will never share your email
address with any 3rd party. The presence of a 3rd party navigation bar atop our
site is an indication that the third party site may be able to see your activity
on our site.

Link to Third Party Site:
Our Web site contains certain links to third party sites, such as our vendors.
LED Grow Lights USA is not responsible or liable for the privacy practices or
content found on these sites. We recommend that you check the Privacy Notice of
each site you visit.

Information about Third Parties:
LED Grow Lights USA maintains relationships with other websites that operate as its
affiliates, however, LED Grow Lights USA has no control over their activities.
LED Grow Lights USA will immediately cease doing business with any affiliate that
abuses the terms of the affiliate agreement. This includes, but is not limited
to: spam, trademark infringement, predatory means of attracting visitors, or
unlawful activities. To report abuse by an affiliate, please contact us

Law Enforcement and Protection of Users:
To the extent permitted by law, we will disclose personally identifiable
information to government authorities or third parties pursuant to a legal
request, subpoena or other legal process. We may also use or disclose your
information as permitted by law to perform charge verifications, report or
collect debts owed, fight fraud or protect the rights or property of
LED Grow Lights USA, our customers, our website or its users.

Business Transfer:
In the unlikely event that LED Grow Lights USA is sold, has its assets acquired or
transferred, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, or merges or becomes
affiliated with any other division, individual or entity, any customer
information owned or under the control of LED Grow Lights USA may be one of the
transferred assets.

We employ the latest 128-bit encryption technology in all areas of the site
which require you to provide your personal or account information, including
online ordering, order status, catalog request and most contest forms. Your
name, your personal information and your credit card number are safely stored in
our proprietary systems behind our firewall. Once you type your personal
information, it is sent instantly, encrypted, directly to our order processing
system which is on a server separate from our Internet server. To make sure you
have the latest security features on your browser, you may want to download the
most recent version of your favorite browser, which should have full SSL

Our Web site gives you the opportunity to opt-out of receiving marketing
communications from us. If you no longer wish to receive communications from us
you may opt-out by email.

SSL Data Encryption:
The LED Grow Lights USA website is registered with site identification authorities
to enable your browser to confirm our security identity before any transmission
is sent. With this technology, the identity of our site is automatically
confirmed behind the scenes prior to the transmission of any customer
information requested to complete an online order and ensures that your data
reaches your intended target or your browser notifies you (prior to you sending
any personal information) that the potential receiving site looks suspicious and
should be avoided. Security Guarantee If you are using a security-enabled
browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer version 2.1 or greater, or Netscape
Navigator version 2.0 or greater), the information you send us regarding your
purchase is encrypted, making it extremely difficult to read even if it is
wrongly intercepted. At LED Grow Lights USA , we utilize industry-standard Secure
Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to allow for the encryption of: potentially
sensitive information such as your name and address and other critically
sensitive information like your credit card number. Standing behind our security
technology, we also provide our Website Security Guarantee, further ensuring
that you are protected every time you buy online with us.