AeroGarden SpaceSaver 6 Black

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On Sale for $89.95! AeroGarden SpaceSaver 6 Black – The AeroGarden Space·Saver 6 has a compact, triangular shape that is a perfect fit for kitchen counter-top corners. It's smaller footprint uses about 30% less space than the AeroGarden 7 Classic and features high-efficiency lighting and a quiet, low maintenance Advanced Growing System (AGS).Features of the AeroGarden Space·Saver 6:- Compact size fits perfectly in those tight kitchen corners- Grows hundreds of dollars of herbs annually- Starts up to 36 seedlings with AeroGrow's Garden Starter System- One Herb Seed Kit produces harvests for 4-5 monthsSIZE: 21H x 11W x 16D INCLUDES: – 2 Grow Lights- Your Choice of Seed Kit.
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  • Item: AeroGarden SpaceSaver 6 Black
  • Manufacturer: AeroGrow International, Inc.
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  • SKU: 901011-0200-Bundle
  • Sale Price: $89.95

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Grow your plants 2x – 5x faster with hydroponics technology using this outstanding Aeroponic AeroGardens. AeroGarden SpaceSaver 6 Black is only $89.95 for a limited time while quantities last. Buy your Aeroponic AeroGardens at a substantial discount at where your hydroponic gardening supplies are always low priced. Our hydroponic supplies use much less energy than traditional indoor garden accessories and provide the colors of light, nutrients & enviroment used by plants for efficient and healthy growth. Buy Aeroponic AeroGardens from the USA!
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