Chili Pepper Seed Kit (6/7-Pod)

Big Image Chili Pepper Seed Kit (6/7-Pod)
On Sale for $15.95! Chili Pepper Seed Kit (6/7-Pod) – Three different chilies for 3 levels of heat! One of our most attractive and fun veggie gardens. Mildly spicy Jalepenos, medium Red Fire (great for Asian dishes) and tiny, fiery Super Hots. A gorgeous garden with three varieties of zesty chili peppers to offer a full range of chili heat and flavor to spice up your cooking. Harvestable fruit in about twelve weeks with hundreds of peppers produced for up to six months. INCLUDES: Two Jalapeno (Mexican cooking favorite), two Red Fire (great for Asian dishes), and three Purple Super Hot (for color and punch) Seed Pods. Works with all 6 & 7-Pod AeroGardens.
Chili Pepper Seed Kit (6/7-Pod), AeroGrow International, Inc. only $15.95. FREE SHIPPING On Qualified Orders

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  • Item: Chili Pepper Seed Kit (6/7-Pod)
  • Manufacturer: AeroGrow International, Inc.
  • Model Number:
  • SKU: 800544-0208
  • Sale Price: $15.95

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