Agrosun Red Sodium Grow Light

Agrosun Red Sodium Grow Light
On Sale for $89.99! Agrosun Red Sodium Grow Light – Additional Features 600 watt bulbThe best choice for enhancing flowering increasing crop volume and for supplementing greenhouse lighting the 600W Agrosun Red Sodium Grow Light produces better and bigger flowers quicker than sodium bulbs. Red sodiums are recommended for areas where high output supplemental light is preferred. About Hydrofarm Inc. Celebrated as the nations oldest and largest manufacturer of hydroponic equipment and grow lights Hydrofarm has made professional-grade equipment available to all since 1977. All grow lights and electric components are UL listed unlike many competitors products meaning you get years of reliable and safe use out your high-intensity lights. All products are covered by a one year warranty at the least. In some cases Hydrofarm ensures the performance of their products for five years..
Agrosun Red Sodium Grow Light, Hydrofarm BUSD600AG only $89.99.

  • Item: Agrosun Red Sodium Grow Light
  • Manufacturer: Hydrofarm
  • Model Number: BUSD600AG
  • Retail Price: $89.99
  • Sale Price: $89.99

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Grow your plants 2x Р5x faster with hydroponics technology using this outstanding Hydroponic Grow Lights. Agrosun Red Sodium Grow Light is only $89.99 for a limited time while quantities last. Buy your Hydroponic Grow Lights at a substantial discount at where your hydroponic gardening supplies are always low priced. Our hydroponic supplies use much less energy than traditional indoor garden accessories and provide the colors of light, nutrients & enviroment used by plants for efficient and healthy growth. Buy Hydroponic Grow Lights from the USA!
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