Sweet Leaf Plant Kit

Sweet Leaf Plant Kit
On Sale for $13.39! Sweet Leaf Plant Kit – Why work for your plants when they can work for you? Stevia (Sweet Leaf) is a beautiful plant that is as sweet to grow, as it is to taste. Grow this amazing plant that is known to produce a sweetener twenty to thirty times sweeter than sugar. The Sweet Leaf Plant is a sub-tropical plant that will grow two to three feet tall outdoors. This exceptionally useful plant is easy to sprout and fast to grow; we wouldn't have it any other way!Contents Include: Terrarium with Lid, Stevia (Sweet Leaf) Seeds, Background Card, Stake, Gravel, Planting Mixture and Informational Instruction Guide. Type: Sets Gender: Unisex Age: Child,Teen,Adult.
Sweet Leaf Plant Kit, Dunecraft DCPW-0111 only $13.39.

  • Item: Sweet Leaf Plant Kit
  • Manufacturer: Dunecraft
  • Model Number: DCPW-0111
  • Price: $13.39
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