Exaco ECO 67 Wooden Round Rain Barrel

Exaco ECO 67 Wooden Round Rain Barrel
On Sale Only $239.98! Exaco ECO 67 Wooden Round Rain Barrel – Fresh water is fast becoming one of our most precious resources. You can do your part to help preserve our supply by using rainwater collected in your Exaco ECO 67 Round Rain Barrel. Made of Torrefied FSC-certified Canadian Spruce wood this high-quality rain barrel comes with all the necessary parts to connect it to a standard downspout. The in-line set-up with built-in overflow allows water to flow through the downspout when the barrel is full.The barrel comes with a durable solid brass tap and the sturdy wood frame houses a heavy-duty bladder. This is a closed unit which means no mosquitoes or other critters will call it home. During dry seasons owning an ECO Rain Barrel will be particularly beneficial. Worry no more about local water-use restrictions .With the fresh rainwater you collect you can still water your garden and potted plants wash you car and even wash the dog!What Is Torrefaction?Torrefaction is a drying process in which the wood is subjected to a temperature of 200-300 degrees centigrade at near atmospheric pressure. At this temperature the biomass partially decomposes altering the chemical nature of the wood. This alteration consists of a loss of oxygen and hydrogen leaving behind a larger concentration of carbon. The result of this process is a wood product that has a very low moisture uptake and consequently a low rate of biological degradation. Torrefaction of wood is a natural preservation process which is achieved without the application of chemicals.About Exaco USAExaco USA Ltd. Is a family-owned company based in Austin Texas that introduced the Exomixer paint-mixing blade to the U.S. market in the late 1980s. The company has been a vendor to major home center chains and national distributors for 17 years providing a variety of products to spruce up your yard..

Exaco ECO 67 Wooden Round Rain Barrel, Exaco ECO 67 only $239.98.

  • Item: Exaco ECO 67 Wooden Round Rain Barrel
  • Manufacturer: Exaco
  • Model Number: ECO 67
  • Color: All Other Colors
  • Weight: 39 lbs.
  • Was: 479.99
  • Sale Price: $239.98
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Go Green by conserving and storing rain water using this great Wooden Rain Barrels from Exaco. Exaco ECO 67 Wooden Round Rain Barrel is only $239.98 for a limited time while quantities last. Get your Wooden Rain Barrels at a substantial discount at LED-Grow-Lights.us where your gardening needs from Exaco are always low priced.

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