Upcycle 55 Gallon Rain Barrel Terra Cotta

Upcycle 55 Gallon Rain Barrel Terra Cotta
On Sale Only $109.99! Upcycle 55 Gallon Rain Barrel Terra Cotta – Dont let your free pure rainwater drain away! The Upcycle 55 Gallon Terra Cotta Rain Barrel makes it easy to collect free rainwater from your roof holding it cleanly and safely to be used when and where you want it. Made from food-quality recycled barrels Upcycle rain barrels never rust or rot. You can even leave them out during the winter. A protective screen on top keeps out mosquitoes and leaves.The terra cotta color looks great against brick houses and matches most garden pottery. Its paintable too. (We recommend using Krylon Fusion paint for plastic.) Upcycle rain barrels are linkable so a single downspout can fill as many barrels as you want. The convenient spigot on the bottom fits any standard garden hose for easy watering. An overflow fitting lets you divert extra water away from your house. Upcycle sets the right example using collected rainwater and biodegradable soap to wash and rinse these barrels so no harsh chemicals bother your beautiful plants. Assembles easily.About Upcycle ProductsUpcycle is the largest manufacturer of Upcycled Rain Barrels in the United States. Originally used to ship food overseas these recycled barrels are ideal for storing rainwater. Besides saving landfill space Upcycles company philosophy is that nothing is thrown out. They minimize their carbon footprint through the effective use of water CFL lighting vehicle fuel and heat even collecting rainwater off their roof to use for washing barrels. The owners practice what they preach and havent used a drop of city water in over eight years..

Upcycle 55 Gallon Rain Barrel Terra Cotta, Upcycle Products 55 GALLON TERRA COTTA only $109.99.

  • Item: Upcycle 55 Gallon Rain Barrel Terra Cotta
  • Manufacturer: Upcycle Products
  • Model Number: 55 GALLON TERRA COTTA
  • Color: Terra Cotta
  • Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Was: 119.99
  • Sale Price: $109.99
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Go Green by conserving and storing rain water using this great Recycled Plastic Rain Barrels from Upcycle Products. Upcycle 55 Gallon Rain Barrel Terra Cotta is only $109.99 for a limited time while quantities last. Get your Recycled Plastic Rain Barrels at a substantial discount at LED-Grow-Lights.us where your gardening needs from Upcycle Products are always low priced.

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