Good Ideas Complete Eco Package

Good Ideas Complete Eco Package
On Sale Only $249.98! Good Ideas Complete Eco Package – Dont be daunted by going green – were making it easy for you with our Good Ideas Complete Eco Package. Youll receive a 50-gallon rain barrel 52-gallon compost tumbler and a 3-quart compost pail – everything you need to start making really green choices. About the 50 Gallon Plastic Rain Wizard Flat Back Rain Barrel: this is a stylish and easy way to catch and store rainwater that would normally just drain onto the ground and be lost. All you have to do is position this molded plastic barrel under your down spout and water will pass through the screen and into the barrel for use later. Child and pet proof this rain barrel will hold up to 50 gallons of pure rainwater which can be used to water gardens and potted plants. It can also be linked to other Rain Wizards by using a link kit (sold separately) to increase water capacity. Dimensions: 28.25L x 21.5W x 31H inches. About the 52 Gallon Compost Wizard Jr. Recycled Plastic Compost Tumbler. A smaller easier to move version of its popular counterpart this composter eliminates the need for strenuous churning. All you have to do is rotate the drum on its stand to quickly and easily mix your compost materials. Glide posts on the base allow the drum to rotate freely while keeping it in position and recessed handles on the sides provide gripping points for easy turning. Turn it about once a week to keep oxygen nutrients micro-organisms and moisture evenly distributed throughout the developing batch. Within just weeks of accruing garden and kitchen waste this compost bin will transform your scraps into valuable organic material. 30L x 22W x 23H inches. About the Bamboo Kitchen Compost Pail: this is a handy way to store daily kitchen scraps and save yourself a couple trips to your outside compost pile. The beautiful exterior is made with real bamboo that looks nice on any counter top. Inside youll find a smooth plastic inner-liner that creates the perfect digestion chamber to facilitate composting. It.

Good Ideas Complete Eco Package, Good Ideas only $249.98.

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Go Green by conserving and storing rain water using this great All Other Materials from Good Ideas. Good Ideas Complete Eco Package is only $249.98 for a limited time while quantities last. Get your All Other Materials at a substantial discount at where your gardening needs from Good Ideas are always low priced.

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