34-Gallon Bosmere Collapsible Rain Barrel

34-Gallon Bosmere Collapsible Rain Barrel
On Sale Only $99.98! 34-Gallon Bosmere Collapsible Rain Barrel – Smart functional and easy to store the Bosmere 34-Gallon Collapsible Rain Barrel deserves a green thumbs up. This collapsible rain barrel can collect up to 34 gallons of rain water that would otherwise just flow onto the ground. Because the barrel is made of flexible puncture-resistant laminated polyester it can be stored anywhere – in your garage shed or even a small storage cabinet. The wide zippered opening allows you to easily dip and fill watering pails and buckets. You can also hook up your hose to the pre-installed nozzle and cap at the base. The mesh screen top keeps debris out of your water supply. When empty the rain barrel weighs only 7 pounds which adds to its storage-friendly design.Make the most of those rainy days and get through the dry ones without worry. Order the Bosmere Collapsible Rain Barrel today and save water – the most essential natural resource.An Eco-friendly Practice: Using a rain barrel is one way you can become more environmentally conscious. Saving rain water reduces the amount of usable water you need which decreases demand for treated water and saves you money. Because the rain barrel catches water that would normally flow to the ground it also helps the environment by reducing runoff waste water. Storing rain water can also supply you with an alternative water source during dry weather spells. And to top it all off rain water is healthier for plants than tap water. What are you waiting for? Order a rain barrel today and go green.About BosmereFor over 25 years the Bosmere group has been established in the world of home garden and leisure. Bosmere manufactures original ideas and designs that are built to stand the test of time. One mark of their superior quality is that 20 to 30 percent of their business is exported to a world market that demands top quality service customer support and competitive pricing. Established in North America for over 15 years Bosmere has been serving the entire country and also sends wholesale goods to Can.

34-Gallon Bosmere Collapsible Rain Barrel, Bosmere K760 only $99.98.

  • Item: 34-Gallon Bosmere Collapsible Rain Barrel
  • Manufacturer: Bosmere
  • Model Number: K760
  • Color: Green
  • Weight:
  • Was: 149.99
  • Sale Price: $99.98
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