Rescue Dual Downspout Diverter

Rescue Dual Downspout Diverter
On Sale Only $34.99! Rescue Dual Downspout Diverter – Already own a Rescue rain barrel or water collection container? This handy downspout diverter kit has everything you need to make your own rainwater harvesting system. Instead of letting precious rainwater run off of your roof and into the storm sewer divert that water into a rain barrel and save it for a sunny day.Weve provided the water diverter tubing grommet and screws. You provide a little elbow grease and the container of your choice. The illustrated step-by-step instructions make it easy to channel your inner Bob Vila but you dont need to mention how simple it was when you show off your new rain barrel or return the hacksaw to your cute neighbor.This leisurely afternoon project will pay dividends for years to come. Youll love hearing the pitter patter of rain on your roof knowing that youre accumulating fresh pure chemical-free water for all of your outdoor irrigation needs. Dont worry about the rain barrel overflowing; your diverter will guide the excess water out through your downspout.About Emsco GroupEmsco Group was founded in 1867 manufacturing practical and innovative things to make life better and easier. While cow pokes and buggy whips have given way to snowboards and garden gadgets Emsco still holds to the values its founder Theo J. Ely espoused 140 years ago: Innovation Function Quality and Service. Emsco is based in Girard Pennsylvania..

Rescue Dual Downspout Diverter, EMSCO 2275-1 only $34.99.

  • Item: Rescue Dual Downspout Diverter
  • Manufacturer: EMSCO
  • Model Number: 2275-1
  • Color:
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Was: 39.99
  • Sale Price: $34.99
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Go Green by conserving and storing rain water using this great Rain Barrel Diverters from EMSCO. Rescue Dual Downspout Diverter is only $34.99 for a limited time while quantities last. Get your Rain Barrel Diverters at a substantial discount at where your gardening needs from EMSCO are always low priced.

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