Rain Barrel Soaker Hose

Rain Barrel Soaker Hose
On Sale Only $44.98! Rain Barrel Soaker Hose – You may assume all soaker hoses are created equal. Well think again. The Rain Barrel Soaker Hose is specially made for use with rain barrels in no-to-low flow applications. While regular soaker hoses are designed to be used with external house faucets that force water out through a porous rubber membrane this soaker hose is formulated with unique rubber compounds and fitted with sturdy injection-molded plastic attachments. It can be hooked up to all standard 1- and .75-inch threaded spigots. It also features a 200 T-mesh filter to prevent clogging by debris.To set it up simply connect the 50-foot hose to your rain barrels spigot and run it through your garden near the base of your plants. You could even cover it with mulch to conceal it. Once installed the hose will time release water along its entire surface minimizing water loss and constantly hydrating your plants. This soaker hose will make your rain barrel more effective and eliminates the need to constantly water ground-based plants.About Good Ideas Inc.Based in Lake City Penn. Good Ideas Inc. was founded in 2001 and has been promoting green living ever since. Many of their innovative products have been featured in magazines newspapers TV shows and news stories. Good Ideas products focus on sustainability and are developed from practical common-sense ideas generated from consumer needs. Good Ideas great products include the Rain Wizard Big Blue Rain Saver EZ Composter Tumbler and many more..

Rain Barrel Soaker Hose, Good Ideas RBSOAK50 only $44.98.

  • Item: Rain Barrel Soaker Hose
  • Manufacturer: Good Ideas
  • Model Number: RBSOAK50
  • Color:
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Was: 54.99
  • Sale Price: $44.98
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Go Green by conserving and storing rain water using this great Garden Hoses from Good Ideas. Rain Barrel Soaker Hose is only $44.98 for a limited time while quantities last. Get your Garden Hoses at a substantial discount at LED-Grow-Lights.us where your gardening needs from Good Ideas are always low priced.

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